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Reiki 1 - Current Client




3 Days

About the Course

•Class will be over 3 days, 5-6 hrs each day in-person OR over 4 weeks, 1 day/wk virtual/online class.

•After the class you will be able to give in-person Reiki energy healing to yourSelf, family, friends, and pets. You will be able to enhance your food, drink, medications, and energetically cleanse your home/environment.

•You will have hands-on practice as part of the course to begin your Reiki journey with confidence.

•It is best to learn at a time where you can dedicate 21 days following the class to a daily self-practice which is approximately 1hr & 15min total (can be split up) daily practice.

•Weither taught in-person or online, we will schedule a follow up meeting online after your 21 day self practice is complete.

•I will remain available as a resource and mentor for you long after your training is completed, as this is the way of Reiki.

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Reiki 1 Class Table of Contents
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Your Instructor



I learned Reiki in 2015 and it has had such a huge impact on my life! I am passionate about sharing Reiki healing and teachings so you too can step into your best life!

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