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Healing Reiki Crystal
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 Phoenix Dreams Reiki 

Are you struggling?

Do you feel lost, broken, or even hopeless?

Do you have unresolved illness or trauma that you just can't shake?

Are you feeling disempowered or maybe you're uneasy in your own skin?

Do you feel out of alignment with your authentic Self?

Reiki can help with ALL of these & more!

If you're ready to live your best life,
I am here to help you!

Why Reiki? 



Reiki By Kerri

Hello! I'm so happy you've found Phoenix Dreams Reiki! I learned Reiki while I was in school getting my BSN. As the universe often does, it made space in my life to be able to learn this amazing practice! To be honest, at the time I had various stress-related health issues which lingered no matter what I did, so I really learned Usui Reiki just to give it to myself. Admittedly, I felt I had so many personal breakthroughs, not just with my health getting better but also really seeing the bigger picture in my life and becoming accountable for where I found myself in all areas of my life. Reiki was the catalyst for a total transformation.

Reiki has been such a blessing to me that I have a strong desire and drive to share it with the rest of the world!

I am an Advanced Reiki Therapist (ART) and Certified Teacher/Master level Traditional Usui Reiki practitioner, often utilizing crystals and colors with my clients for their additional benefit. 

Reiki is one of my biggest passions & for me it's a way of Life!

I would LOVE to share Reiki with YOU! 

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My Services


108 Euro per Session
•3 Session Pack - 300•


Crystal Reiki

I am currently in Marrakech Morocco.

Sessions last 45-60 minutes and sometimes longer, as I am guided by my intuition as to what your body/mind/spirit is willing to receive at the time of our appointment.

You will be able to pick out which crystals you are drawn to for your session. I will combine them with the stones I feel called to add. The combination of crystal energy, color energy, and Reiki make for a beneficial session to help you on your healing journey.

Assorted Crystals

 108 Euro per Session
•3 Session Pack - 300•

Reiki energy is not confined by space like solid matter objects are. Because of this a person can receive Reiki anywhere they are, if they are open to receiving it. 


Distance Reiki is usually 45-60 minute session. If we meet by phone or text I will intuitively pick the best crystals for your healing session, and will send you a photo of the crystal grid I made to represent you during the Reiki session after the session is completed. We can also meet by Zoom which will allow you to pick your stones.  

We Can Connect for Your Session by Text, Phone, or Live Video

Crystal Ball

Sliding Scale 
11-22 Euro

Reiki Boost is a short and sweet 10-15 min full-body Reiki Session.  

Maybe you want this because you're feeling under the weather or nervous about an up coming event/task. But you don't have the time for a full session.

In this session I will surround you with Reiki, allowing Reiki to be divinely guided to your mind/body/spirit... where it most serves you to receive it and it is in your highest good. 

It is ideal for you to receive a more in-depth full-body Reiki session and not use this as a stand-in, as this session is limited in helping mostly superficial issues.

Available with Distance Sessions ONLY

Reiki Treatment

55 Euro per Session 
•3 Session Pack - 150•

Healing Attunement

This is a short but powerful session where I focus on sending energy to a specific issue (physical, mental, or emotional) and you focus on receiving the healing energy for that specific thing. Together we work to heal/bring peace to this issue. The Healing Attunement is followed by a breif full body Reiki session.


This session lasts 15-25 mins. I am guided by my intuition as to what your body/mind/spirit is willing to receive at the time of our appointment. It is best to schedule this session for a time that you can be fully present. 

**This Service is ONLY for current clients who have had full body Crystal Reiki**

Energy Healing

88 Euro per Session​ 
2 CR+ 1 PA pack- 288•

Psychic Attunement

This is a short but powerful session that helps to remove any blockages to your 3rd Eye and/or Crown Chakras. This session is specifically to nurture psychic abilities & intuition. The Psychic Attunement is followed by a short full body Reiki session. 


This session lasts in total 15-25 mins. I am guided by my intuition as to what your body/mind/spirit is willing to receive at the time of our appointment. It is best to schedule this session for a time that you can be fully present. 

*Because it is necessary for a person to be grounded in their body/reality this session can only be performed on persons who I know have their lower chakras clear and strong*

**This Service is ONLY for current clients who have had full body Crystal Reiki**

Green Eyed Cat

33 Euro-Distance
55 Euro-In Person

Animal Reiki

Animals LOVE Reiki!

Some may shy away at first as it is a new experience, however, just like us, animals are made of energy, have chakra systems, and are +/- affected by energy as well. When my cat broke his leg from a high fall I gave him Reiki every day! I know this helped him heal quicker and with less trauma.

This is a short and sweet session where I focus on sending energy to your pet or animal friend in need.


This session lasts 15-25 mins. I am guided by my intuition as to what the animal's body/mind/spirit is willing to receive at the time of the appointment. Animals will also usually give a signal, like moving away, when they are done with the session.

Purple Blossom

Empower yourSelf w/ Reiki!

Learn Reiki

With Me!

Do you feel called to learn Reiki??

I am offering live & online trainings for:

• Level 1 Reiki for Self-Healing  

• Level 2 Reiki to Share

w/others casually and/or professionally

In-person classes are currently in Marrakech Morocco

and will be over 2 consecutive days.

Online classes will be spread out with plenty of time to practice and mentoring. We will meet by live video for 3-4hrs once a week over 4 weeks for each level. 

 Get in touch to find out more!

Image by Amy Shamblen

Contact for details


With Me!

Offering 1 on 1 transformative coaching sessions to help you get and stay aligned.


I am here to help you:

•set attainable goals,

•break through limited thinking,

•explore your biggest dreams,

•break habits that are holding you back

•identify what your obstacles to success are and help you figure out how to move past them

•offer you accountability


Whether you need support getting your health back on track, breaking/making a habit, or creating the life of your dreams I am here to help you do that and more! 

3 & 6 month packages w/Reiki available 

What you need to know for your Reiki session

On the day of your appointment plan to arrive/attend neither hungry, nor with a full belly, and be well hydrated. It is best to pick a day where you have some flexibility after your session to relax as you feel called. 


We will set a mutual date/time when you can be in a relaxed state to fully receive the session.

I will notify you at the beginning and end of the session. 

Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat nourishing foods after your session. 

There will be time before and after the session to talk as needed about intentions and/or experiences. Plan to set aside 1.5-2 hrs for the entire meeting. 

Some people will experience physical sensations such as heat, cold, or buzzing/vibrating during their session, others will simply feel relaxed. All of it is normal and it is best to enter a session without an expectation. With the exception of a focused healing session (and even then to a degree) Reiki will go where it is most needed. For example you have knee pain, knee pain is associated with fear, so while we may focus on your physical knees the Reiki will also address the fear component. 

I will not give you a diagnosis or interpret the meaning of either of our experiences for a session. Many people have sensations during a Reiki session, this is due to the movement of energy. I will share my experience in giving you Reiki as a description but it is up to you to interpret that information as I will not give a diagnosis or meaning. For example, you or I may see or sense a particular color, what this color means to me can be different then what this color means to you as we all form our thoughts and ideas around experiences. Therefore it would be limiting for me to tell you what that color means as it would merely be a reflection of the meaning my experiences have given it. I do, on occasion receive a message that I feel I am supposed to share with you, in which case I will. 

Please seek medical attention and a qualified healthcare specialist for any illness or injury. Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to other medical treatments but is not recommended as a replacement for actual medical care, especially in acute/urgent situations. Please understand that the use of terms like "healing" do not mean you will be "healed" of any diseases or injuries and I am in no way making that claim. Reiki is a wonderful tool for supporting you on your healing journey but please act responsibly for your own wellbeing.   

Payment can be made by PayPal, Apple Pay, Wise, Venmo, bank transfer, and several payment apps.

We can discuss what works best for you when you set up your appointment. 

Image by Jeff W

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